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I had a polite chat with someone on behalf of Ross County today, who informed me that the SFL had been in touch regarding my use of photographs on the blog.

I have been asked to not use photographs in my analyses.

I will see if I can continue developing the blog in a different format, or whether or not I wish to continue writing on it.


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  1. It is such a shame the way you have been treated by the SFL. I find it very frustrating that there does not seem to be very much coverage of games in the first division, and was delighted when i came across your site.

    It would be a big loss if you stopped writing about the game and i would be delighted if you would continue albeit with or without pictures, as i am sure others woud be too.

    Thank You for your hard work in keeping your site up to date…its the best i have seen ever.

  2. Chris

    That’s shocking from the SFL, this is a phenomenal blog. I’m an Aberdeen fan and I’m hooked. Keep it going mate.
    Why not obfuscate the photos, much like you have in the site’s banner? Surely then the SFL cannot complain?

    • John Maxwell

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

      Without being told otherwise, I think there are two issues: 1) Showing off the intellectual property without a licence and 2) Taking photographs when there is a prohibition (back of match tickets and I believe there is a convention among clubs now to allow it). Obfuscating photos gets round 1), but not 2).

      I should stress that I haven’t had any formal complaint yet, but if I don’t nip it in the bud at this stage then I anticipate that there will be.

  3. Bluto the Jag

    this must be especially disappointing in the same week that you were namechecked on twitter by jonathan wilson and listed on guardian football as one of their favourite things.

    what i don’t understand is that match photos regularly appear on unoficial sites without censure. is it possible that the club official is misinforming you? it’s a great site and it woudl be a shame if you had to ditch it.

    • John Maxwell

      Yeah a bit gutting given the recent acclaim, but it’s the publicity that has brought us to this position. Other sites might have it, but they might not have been brought to the attention of the SFL, whose officials might be readers of the Guardian’s football site.

  4. Andrew Duncan

    The site is brilliant but the photographs help bring the commentary to life. One has to ask who or what is being harmed by them.
    I think you should continue with the photos and see what if anything happens. I think there would be an outcry if you were banned.

  5. Olof

    Shame about the photos, this is a top site. Hopefully you continue your fine work

  6. Bad news. I only discovered this site a few weeks ago as well. Hope you get things sorted and are able to keep up the good work!


    • John Maxwell

      Thanks! Bookmarked your blog

      • Nice one. Hope you enjoy it. Unfortunately there are no live SFL matches so I don’t write about them. Next season, work permitting I will hopefully start attending some and writing about them afterwards.

        Anyway, I was wondering if you had contacted the SFL or Ross County at all to put a case forward requesting permission to take photographs, or else for footage for your private use that you can then take screenshots of and use on the blog? Mention things like the acclaim the website has ahcieved and see if it can be tied into the club in anyway, e.g. links/adverts to their club shop and the like.

        I have no idea how these things work or whether this is even worth trying but thought I suggest it.


  7. Sean

    Typical nonsensical enforcement of rules that have no detrimental affect to the SFL. It’s not as if the author stands to gain commercially from this site so what’s the problem? This is another perfect example of why Scottish football is going to hell in a hand basket quickly. Good blog sir and astute analysis, keep up the good work.

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